Short Modern Hairstyles

There was a time when the concept of mattresses considered quite good and interesting. Now is the time for rapid hair, sported short of everyone – from celebrity girl or boy next door, each person is given a short haircut. Of course this does not mean that the sport elegant long hair cool or not. Long braids are equally charming. But if you are considering to cut short hair and want a new look, well, try some!

Modern short hairstyles for women


As the name suggests, this style the hair is cut and the right hairstyles in mind. But this purpose. It looks bad on purpose and only contain layered razor cut style and does not require additional maintenance. Gentle and kind of misunderstanding. Although it seems normal, attractive style be true, and if done properly made.

Short Modern HairstylesShortcut layers and bangs

Well, if you are not particularly in favor of losing their hair long and do not want to give back, this is for you. This is a selection of shortcuts, but with singing, because it makes your hair down short.

Bob cuts

among veterans haircut, some cuts still one of the most popular hairstyles for modern women. In addition, it is difficult to know whether to go in style. What continues to make the same hairstyle is the most modern in instead of another offer. From angled bobs disproportionately to layers, you name it and it’s there. When you have long hair, try to look symmetrical, and I Descans sing short front and rear.


No analysis of short hairstyles mark the discussion. But, hey, wait! Jazzy and stylish hairstyle is not for girls are shy! This is a short haircut and improve facial features that delicate objects. Therefore, we need to know if you can produce, just because a woman who dared. maintenance and repair, and can live at least as much as is comfortable for you.

Modern short hairstyle for men

Cut Weser

Ah, remember George Clooney in Oceans 11 and sequels? Well, exactly one cut Weser. Cut from a short circuit. In this model, layer 1 or 2 inches high around the head. After cutting, hair bangs that push forward to the front cover and thick or thin, add zing to your hairstyle.

Black Square

Used only on the back of the head, hairstyles can attach to another person. straight line through the back of the neck that is used in this model, where the only cut square. The hair is tapered at all. Indeed it again for a long drawn attention to the form of deductions. Works well in conjunction with the college or flat top haircut.


Manufactured by cutting wax carefully combed hair with clippers or scissors, to create a smooth transition between different lengths of hair. This can be done in two ways – see the transition between fresh and dramatic and easier. This is another model that can be shared by others.

Professional / Business As

Minimal disturbance and maintenance seems fresh. This is how professional custom cuts. Cutting hair is traditional and classic and make sure never goes out of style! Cut this, cut your hair is long enough to set aside or hair parted on the side and has a tendency to decrease in the short term as a step backwards. It is suitable for almost all men in almost all areas, it is more convenient.

Emo hairstyles, sharp, cutting staff, hairy, some hairstyles more than that, it’s pretty popular. In the end, it all depends on how you take it according to your face shape.

So what to choose, Pixie Bob animation or against? Whatever you choose, look good, feel good!

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