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Very Short Haircuts for Women

Generally, short hairstyles for women are preferred by women who work because they want to spend more time doing their hair every day. There are many beautiful women short haircut to look professional, and reduce the time spent on care and maintenance. But there are some changes in short hair, you can create a unique funky hairstyles.

Very Short Haircuts for WomenShort haircuts Crop

Short haircuts are a crop that requires care, hair care and maintenance. In the hairstyles that you just get your hair cut around hair removal. The remaining hair can do to relax or have increased slightly by using hair gel.

Piecey bangs

If you have thick hair and short hair cut ideas, sing piecey is right for you. Include these hairstyles hair on the sides and cut at an angle and cut the hair on the back below the neck.

Tousled hair texture

Haircut is one that is supposed to look messy though, so no need to ensure the accuracy of hairstyles. The only reason this hairstyle quality, texture and dirty is most suitable for women who work in a busy schedule. With hairdo, burst put to rest, while the crown of hair to increase further surface contours.

Shaved short Product

Shaved short crops recommended short hairstyles for women with thick hair. In the lounge, the cut edges of card front, drawing more attention to detail in their faces. reduced the amount of hair up, it’s such a short crop is a good choice for women and more expensive.


As the name suggests, is equivalent to more than juvenile court short hairstyle. A little hair on top in poor condition, some hair slicked down, and the hair on the forehead installed as a comb. This can be considered as a good professional haircut.

Cute Hairstyles Court

Cut hair salon, with a lot of hair on the crown, with a lot of texture in the hair a bit. Singers usually attached to, and add a good amount of area. Thus, the hairstyles is a perfect choice for women with long faces different. Emphasis is placed in front of a small explosion, which face down.

Short top

People would realize hairstyle, which is common among boys and girls and teenagers. Cutting hair, short hair gel is created by hairdressers. Punk woman known to use hair color hairstyle loaded. Spike hairstyles is one of the best short hairstyles for round face, and the additional height of the surface.

There are many other teams that short bob, crop, head layered wedge short, buzzed hair cut, angled bob, short shag cut, Pixie, etc.